3 cheap solutions for drafty windows


Your older windows are letting in a chilly draft and you know you’re losing a lot of energy. If a window replacement is not possible anytime soon, there are still some things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Read >>> window cost calculator Canada or more articles about windows.

1.    Install new weather stripping and caulking.

If you notice that the seals around your windows are cracked or broken, there is likely a leak that is causing a cold draft. Re-caulking the seals around your windows and installing weather stripping to create a better seal where your window opens and closes, will help keep out that draft. In some cases, you can put new caulking over old as it will fill in the gaps, but if you don’t think it will stick, remove the old caulking first.

You can get a weather stripping kit from the local building supply store. Installation is easy and the product you purchase will come with instructions. Make sure you take your time when applying the weather stripping so that it meets tightly in the corners of the window. Learn how to fix a drafty window.

2.    Install window insulation film.

This might not be the most attractive option, but it can help keep the cold out and the heat in at a very low cost. Again, you can purchase a window insulation kit from any hardware store. They usually come with the plastic shrink film that is applied to the inside of the window frame and the double stick tape to keep it in place. Heat the edges with a hair dryer to shrink the film tight to your window. You’ll likely want to remove the film during the summer, but this is a cheap and temporary solution during the colder months.

3.    Buy energy efficient window coverings.

You would be surprised how much window coverings can contribute to your window’s thermal performance. The most cost-effective option is purchasing heavy curtains or drapes to keep out the draft. If you want more natural light, you could invest in energy efficient cellular shades. These insulating window coverings keep out the cold while allow natural light through. They might not perform as well as heavy curtains but are worth investigating.

Of course, the best solution to improve energy efficiency in your home is to invest in new energy efficient windows. RenovationFind Window companies in Calgary can show you your options and provide an estimate for a window replacement. 

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