Learning About Home Automation 
A home automation system allows you to control things like lights, temperature, window coverings and home security with a touch of a button. While home automation systems will be installed with a central control panel with portable remotes in your home, new and innovative home automation now allows you to control the system from your smart phone, tablet or computer from virtually anywhere in the world.


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Home automation can add luxury, convenience, security and energy efficiency to your home. Home automation in Calgary can be installed during new home construction or in an existing home. Here are some systems you can control with home automation: 

Home security:
Home automation has advanced home security in a big way. An automated security system allows you to watch your home, from at work or while on vacation, using surveillance cameras and your smart phone or device. You can also control things like door locks to let in the kids after school or to allow a neighbour to come check on your home while you’re away. You can also subscribe to an alarm and monitoring system which gives your home maximum security with monitoring around the clock. 
Program your lights to come on as you come home from work or when the sun starts to set. You can have them shut off during bright parts of the day to conserve energy.  If you are going away on vacation, set your lights to come and off at certain times of the day to indicate that people are at home, deterring potential intruders. 
Improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs by programming your heating and cooling system to increase and decrease during certain parts of the day. The temperature can go down while you’re at work, sleeping or on holiday and up during other parts of the day. 
You can access your playlists on your iPod or computer, or play the radio in any room of the house, all controlled by your smart phone or by the central control system. This means your family can listen to different music in various areas of the home through a quality home stereo and sound system that is installed throughout the house. 

Home theatre: 

Have you always wanted to have an authentic home theatre experience in your own home? Most home automation companies in Calgary offer home theatre design and installation. You will be able to watch movies and videos with high quality surround sound, theatre-like visuals and with portable touch controls.
Home automation will improve your personal enjoyment of your home while provided added security, efficiency and boosting your property value. Contact a professional home automation installation company to learn about what components can be included in your new home automation system.
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