Cabinet hinges make a difference

If you’re installing new cabinetry in Calgary, you can expect to add value to your home and get a return on investment when you sell too. Kitchen renovations are huge selling points for buyers and can increase property value. The largest part of your renovation will be the cabinets, so make sure you pay attention to all the details, including the hardware.


Considerations for cabinet hinges.

When you purchase cabinets, especially custom cabinets, you’ll get to decide what type of hinges you’d like. Keep in mind that hinges that are visible from the outside of the cabinet door are out of date and not very popular in kitchen design. Concealed hinges or usually the way to go, except for kitchens going for a specific style, which might require decorative, exposed hinges.

Concealed: Contemporary cabinets in Calgary are made using concealed hinges. This gives a modern, clean look. Installation of hidden hinges is more difficult, but no concern for experienced Calgary cabinet companies. They can only be used on inset cabinet doors. If you are attempting to DIY your cabinet installation, and aren’t sure about concealed hinges, consider semi-concealed hinges instead. Read this cabinet hardware buying guide.

Semi-Concealed: With this hinge type, the hinge is partially visible from the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed. These hinges are a little dated but are still available in modern styles, can add a decorative flair to your cabinetry and they are easy to install.

Exposed: These hinges are attached entirely to the outside of your cabinet door and frame, making them completely visible when the door is open or closed. Homeowners tend to choose these hinges if they want to make a bold statement or are going for a specific decorative style.

Choosing the right hinges for your project.

The type of cabinet boxes you have will help determine what type of hinge will work best for you. There are face frame cabinets, which have a frame attached to the front edges. In these cabinets, the hinge is attached to that frame. There are frameless cabinets and with these, the hinges must be mounted to the cabinet’s interior.

If you’re not sure what hinges to choose, take in your door knobs and drawer pulls to a cabinet company. They can help you choose hinges that will match those and give you advice on what type of hinges will work best with the doors you already have.

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