Ways to save on a kitchen renovation


You want to put your house on the market, but you know your kitchen could use some work before you do. Minor kitchen renovations are a get way to jazz up your home for sale, appeal to more buyers, bring in better offers and increase resale value. They have a good return on investment, but how can you rejuvenate the kitchen without spending a fortune?

Keep the current layout.

Now is not the time to start changing the entire layout of the kitchen. Save that major home remodel for the house you’re going to move into, not the house you are going to sell. When you change the layout, you must deal with electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems too and it can get very expensive. Make the most of the layout your kitchen has by replacing some of the worn-out components like countertops and flooring.

Don’t replace the cabinets, reface them.

If it’s your cabinets that are dating your kitchen, it might help if you gave them a facelift. Sometimes, cabinet refinishing or painting the cabinets can do the trick, but if you want to upgrade the door and drawer style, cabinet refacing in Calgary is the way to go. This is when you keep your current cabinet boxes and replace the doors, drawers and install a veneer over exposed areas of the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing Calgary will cost a fraction of what a replacement would cost, sometimes less than 25%, and your kitchen will look brand new.

Upgrade the backsplash.

Modern kitchens typically have a backsplash on the walls behind the counters. Adding a stylish backsplash can create a beautiful focal point in the space, modernize it and make your kitchen more attractive. Your local hardware store will have backsplash kits that you can do yourself, if you’re up to it. Check out these DIY kitchen backsplash ideas that are easy and inexpensive.

Do detailed research on materials.

The materials and finishes you use in your kitchen renovation can make or break your budget. Carefully research your choices when it comes to countertops, flooring, lighting and so on, and choose materials that look good, are good quality, but not the most expensive. For example, purchase a quality laminate countertop that mimics the look of granite, instead of splurging for granite itself.

For more helpful advice on preparing your home to sell, speak with your real estate agent.

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