Ways to save energy in the winter

In Alberta, we use a lot of energy in the winter. We rely on it to heat and power our homes during this colder, darker season. There are some simple things you can do to cut back on energy use during the colder months. Reducing energy means saving money and lessening your environmental impact too.


Turn down the heat.

Did you know that turning your thermostat down by 2 degrees can save up to 4% on your heating bill? If that temperature is too uncomfortable for you in the daytime, consider programming your thermostat to reduce the heat at night or when you’re away at work.  If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, having one installed could be a good investment.

Get your furnace inspected and serviced.

Regular furnace maintenance in Calgary will do wonders for your energy efficiency. In the winter, your furnace is the main consumer of energy in the home. If it’s working harder than it needs to be, or in disrepair, you could be spending a lot more on fuel. Call Calgary HVAC companies that offer furnace repair. They will inspect it, give it a tune up and leave it running at peak efficiency.

TIP: Homeowners can improve efficiency and air quality by changing the furnace filter every 3 to 6 months.

Seal your windows and doors.

Check the seals on your doors and windows.  Run your hand along the seals and feel for any air flow.  If your budget allows it, this spring might be the time to replace those old windows and doors.  If not, seal air leaks with caulking and replace any damaged weather stripping. If the windows are really bad and a replacement isn’t possible, you can install insulation window film for the winter.

Harness the heat of the sun.

It might be cold, but the sun still shines bright during an Alberta winter! On those beautiful sunny winter days, throw open the drapes and blinds and let the free sunshine heat up the room.  Any south facing windows can let enough sunlight in to bring the room temperature up a degree or two.  As soon as the sun start to sink, shut the drapes to keep the warm air in.

Insulation companies in Calgary can also help figure out if you are losing heat from walls or the attic. As winter continues, consider implementing a few of these tips into your daily routine and you will save energy at home.



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